Creating Action Behind The Plan!

The days of the traditional business plan is over! Banks, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors & Private Equity holders now want to see the action plans towards getting the business profitable. We have created a new method of building business plan which blends all other successful methods into one time-based action plan which we call "Implementation Planning."

Implementation planning refers to standard operational business planning which is a key element for every startup or expanding organization since the early 1900's.  What makes implementation plans different are that they hybrid between traditional planning technique with Six Sigma and Lean Startup methods. This creates a highly effective and action driven business/project plan. 

We guide our clients with our step by step process of implementation and what’s needed to execute their plan within a time management system. We cover everything from product production to funding.  Many expanding organizations use our implementation solutions to build out a new product or service faster with better results. While startups used them to get the competitive edge over competition when they enter the market. We have created an innovative process for startups, establish and growing organizations.

Our Implementation Solutions...

Innovative Start

Innovative Establish

Innovative Growth