Power of The People...

Accountability Solutions is the study of the human elements within each organization. We have a dedicated program devoted to life & executive coaching called SMART Workz. Smart Workz that helps our clients be more introspective and self-aware. In accountability planning, we focus on a plan towards the balance between work & life. Ensuring that the client and their project team are all balanced and working together for the betterment of the organization.

Accountability Solutions focuses on personal leadership and development skills as well as on personal lifestyle development skills by analyzing the goals, dreams, and aspirations of each professional that works within the organization/project in order to make them a reality. This provides the organization valuable knowledge about those working for the business. It can help them determine how long an individual might be with their organization and know if an individual is looking to grow with the organization as well as where a person should be placed within the organization in order to thrive.

We assist our clients, understand the need for personal accountability and intersection as well as the importance of taking inventory of their own goals, dreams, and aspirations in order to make them a reality. This assures that you have a concrete team running your company and a solid foundation for your organization to build on. This is the most important element in the beginning stages of any start-up business and it always important to start with yourself first before the idea can be executed throughout the business.  

Our Accountability Solutions...


  • Understanding Oneself
  • The Why Factors: Distinct Areas of Life
  • The Responsibilities of Life 


  • Dream & Ideas
  • Reality & Possibilities
  • Timing & Commitment 


  • Funding Your Lifestyle
  • Developing Your Interests
  • Investing In Your Future


  • Achievements In Life
  • Planting Seeds in Life


  • The Why Factors: Emotions
  • The Next Milestone

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