Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

All Startups & Expanding Organizations Need Trusted Professionals

We all know, we need many different resources to grow. Every business has been faced with the challenge of finding the right resource in order to complete the job. Many organizations fail because of the lack of quality & allocation of their resources. In order for an organization to thrive in this new global marketplace, it needs the proper resources at right time. As a professional or business owner just think about it…How many times you've needed a resource to achieve a goal? Have you ever had a bad vendor, supplier or service provider experience? Ever wasted your time & money on resources for your business that did not work? These are realistic truths in business, which have slowed organizations down for years until now!


What is The Alliance?

The Alliance program from CollaboPartners brings together some of the world's most gifted licensed professionals & top businesses in order to provide you the best resources for your organization. Every member of the Alliance is comprehensively vetted to insure quality of the service or product they provide. Each member and their team is background checked and license validated yearly. It is an honor and privilege to be member of The Alliance. You & your team have to achieve excellence in all 10 areas of an innovative organization: Accountability, Connections, Sources, Implementation, Market, Media, Collaboration, Community, Sustainability & Continuous  Development.

The Alliance No Traditional or Digital Marketing!

We market your products & services to target sales areas within our vast client database and major networks of potential leads. Our marketing & sales style is engineered to find a solution for potential client needs, while diagnosing potential problems earlier.


The Process of Gathering the Best Clients

We listen to the current needs of the client. Immediately searching the member database for top 3 candidates.
Then we conduct a 10 Point Solution Audit which highlights all areas of the organization in our initial consultation.
We review the Solution Audit, so we can determine the type of team needed to resolve the needs & potential issues.  (We pick the most qualified member of The Alliance based on clients profile preference and project details.) 

We setup for a Solution Consultation with the client and each member of the new potential project team. As a team we evaluate the client's needs and how we can help.
After the Consultation Team meets to go over team project timeline. Each team member works on their estimated costs and terms. Then submit a proposal for collaboration with other team members.
Collaboration Proposal sent to client. The client has payment options such as financing  with us, which does not effect YOUR PAYMENT TERMS!  


Why should my organization join The Alliance?

The biggest advantage of being a members is the ability to collaborate on larger opportunities with other members. Opportunities you normally would not have the chance to be a part of.  The quality of projects we offer and consistency of the opportunities we bring. We handle all of the billing and customer services with each client allowing members to focus on the tasks needed to get the job done quicker. We engineered with some great partners a great collaboration and communication platform for flawless production. Each member is backed by our $1 million dollar “Errors & Omission” policy against liability during a project. The Alliance has many more features & benefits within its memberships. Join this elite alliance of professionals and organizations who want to help business grow across the world at rapid pace. Increasing prosperity within communities with high quality business models which creates jobs and impacts home! "Let's change the world, one business client at a time!"