Strategic decisions prepare the foundation for long-term sustainability that creates true value!

Top professionals & entrepreneurs agree that resource allocation decisions is one of their top priorities. Before you gather your resources for your project. The project strategy should define the project's vision, set targets for the long term and outline the nature and scope of the overall results. 9 out of 10 organization's resource planning practices, often involve inadequate quantitative frameworks; and they fail to state the specific actions that must be taken. Worse still, the resources used frequently do nothing at all to inject innovation into the system. The failure to creating a well-defined strategy for resources management can cause allotted money & time to be misallocated. Smart organizations know the importance of planning and properly managing their resources towards success. 


Putting The Strategy Behind The Resources...

Our SIT (Strategy & Implementation Team) service builds solid strategic planning processes. Delivering valid planning content which applies relevant methodologies. Integrating the right resource, planning steps and tracking implementation throughout the development. We've developed a benchmark process for strategic resource planning that satisfies all these requirements and many more. A SIT Strategist is a master within their area of expertise based on their: experience, publications, references, education & certification levels. Your SIT Strategist specializes in strategy & implementation management based on your evaluation they will determine the best resources for your project.  Build your dream project from our project experience!  Using our effective resource strategies can give your company a decisive competitive edge.


The 21 Guru’s of Strategy & Implementation

Every professional on SIT is top-notch within their field but are classified as extraordinary. We call these guys Strategy & Implementation Gurus! The Gurus are the highest-ranking experts who have held key executive titles roles within an organization and have over 10 years of experience with numerous awards. These individual professionals are nominated and awarded this position for an 18 month term, hand picked from some of the top organizations in the world. Their job is very special because they’re an executive coach, consultant and strategy specialist in their area of expertise for our clients. Their is only 21 SIT Gurus each representing a different key area of operation: Compliance Guru, Executive, Information, Technology, Financial, Knowledge, Security, Data, Visionary, Digital, Process & Innovation, Marketing, IT Architect, Procurement, Strategy, Experience, Human Resources, Learning, Trust, Reputation & Risk. I think we've got you covered.