Brand Identity, connections, web development, collaboration resources, market and media development solutions for startups and small businesses


Connection Solutions focuses on professional relationship development and planned industry based networking events. Connections are the most important part of the preliminary framework of startups or expanding businesses.

We teach you how to connect more effectively while properly managing the connections you’ve made at events, conferences, online etc. We do this through a series of online and one-on-one courses which enhances your relationship building.


Our Market Solutions provides innovative marketing resources & planning services. Our innovative marketing plans provide comprehensive data and techniques in order for you to penetrate the marketplace. We research and analyze all your primary competition. Overviewing their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats you organization within the marketplace.


In Our Media Solution services, we help you strategize and implement plans to build your social media, website, PR and all other kinds of media visibility. We assist you in building and promoting your brand utilizing these means and help your company stand out from the competition. We keep you informed on the latest media trends and assure that your company is always being visible across all forms of media in your industry.