Research, resources, collaboration and partnership development solutions for startups and small businesses


Sources are the most important part of any business or project. We assist our clients in researching, evaluating and developing resources their organization needs for outstanding growth.

We develop new strategies to determine what resources they need in order to build their products and services in their target market. We have a vast amount of resource partnerships & databases to find the right vendors and suppliers for your unique business model or project. We help you with the negotiations and the layout of the contracts in order to assure that you're getting the best deals and are able to produce quality products and service. 


In our Sustainability Solution services we assist in creating sustainable practices which fit your unique business model. Running a sustainable organization helps cut down on waste, finds variable ways to save natural resources and make less of a carbon footprint no matter what products or services your company provides.


In our Community Solution services we work with the organization on the development of community initiative programs. Also, how they can help the communities where their employees live as well. We cover the importance of giving back to the community and giving back to your people in order to create a more prosperous area.


Accountability, planning, project management and continuous strategy development solutions for startups to enterprise level organizations.


Accountability Solutions focuses on personal leadership and development skills as well as on personal lifestyle development skills by analyzing the goals, dreams, and aspirations of each professional that works within the organization/project in order to make them a reality. This provides the organization valuable knowledge about those working for the business.


In our Implementation Solution services we've created a new method of building business plans which blends all the other successful methods into one time-based action plan which we call "Implementation Planning"

Implementation planning refers to standard operational business planning which is a key element for every startup or expanding organization since the early 1900's. What makes implementation plans different are that they are hybrids between traditional planning technique with Six Sigma and Lean Startup methods. This creates a highly effective and action driven business/project plan.


Our Collaboration Solutions cover the importance of effective communication both with your team and your clients.  Everything from customer support systems such as CRM and Project Management systems to picking the right mobile applications or location for your organization.  We cover how effective verbal and written communication are essential to building teamwork and increasing productivity.


We provide true continuous innovation for the solutions we provide. Each solution suggested is built on a key performance indicator. Measured against real world results vs. projected plans. We analyze and adjust accordingly for faster bottom line results.

Smart organizations no matter the size know to keep the competitive edge you must continually innovate. As new technologies emerge in every industry it important to have someone researching, evaluating and developing new techniques to keep them growing.


Brand Identity, connections, web development, collaboration resources, market and media development solutions for startups and small businesses


Connection Solutions focuses on professional relationship development and planned industry based networking events. Connections are the most important part of the preliminary framework of startups or expanding businesses.

We teach you how to connect more effectively while properly managing the connections you’ve made at events, conferences, online etc. We do this through a series of online and one-on-one courses which enhances your relationship building.


Our Market Solutions provides innovative marketing resources & planning services. Our innovative marketing plans provide comprehensive data and techniques in order for you to penetrate the marketplace. We research and analyze all your primary competition. Overviewing their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats you organization within the marketplace.


In Our Media Solution services, we help you strategize and implement plans to build your social media, website, PR and all other kinds of media visibility. We assist you in building and promoting your brand utilizing these means and help your company stand out from the competition. We keep you informed on the latest media trends and assure that your company is always being visible across all forms of media in your industry.