Over the past 14 years, our CEO, Shawn and his collaborated partners created over 50 Unreleased New Innovative Concepts across multiple industries! Each concept is a fully detailed Innovative Organization Plan, exploring all 10 sections of innovation covering resource, planning and market development aspects within the business model. As of April 12th, 2015 Shawn Randleman & his Solution Team set a goal to find the right partners to launch all of these concepts over the next 20 years!

Each potential partner for these concepts are hand selected & vetted through our vigorous process of accountability, workmanship, discipline, passion and leaderships. These concepts are designed to inspire and challenge new processes & innovation within industries. The professionals who join the team must be willing to take risks and solve problems. 

Every concept we've created is designed to solve problems...Want to learn more about our concepts and to see if you got what it takes to join our team?

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